Dunhuang - Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel

The SILK ROAD DUNHUANG HOTEL is situated in the Gansu Province of China in Dunhuang City. The hotel provides convenient access to the major scenic spots such as the Magao Grottoes and Mingsha Hill. The hotel is located 3 kilometers south of Dunhuang's city center and a convenient 20-minute drive from the airport. You can watch the sunset over the great Gobi Desert from the comfort of your hotel room. For details on hotel amenities click here.

Internet Availability: Charge for broadband in hotel room, free wifi in hotel lobby.

Address: Dunyuet Road, Gansu Province, Dunhuang, China 736200
Phone: 011-86-937-888-2088
Fax: 011-86-937-888-2086
Website: Click Here